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French Jacquard Tablecloths and Table Linens

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The dining room table is one of the most important focal points of your home; on that table, you share meals with loved ones, engage in conversations and make new memories. Even when it’s not in use, the dining room table acts as a beautiful centerpiece to your home décor. That’s why you need to cover your table with your choice of French tablecloths. The gorgeous designs and unmatched craftsmanship of French table linens look striking in the dining room, on the kitchen table and even on coffee tables or end tables throughout your home. At R.H. Ballard, you’ll find stunning Le Jacquard Français and Garnier-Thiebaut table linens, as we’re an official retailer of these exclusive brands.

The French Tablecloth Elegance Jacquard

France is well-known for its wines and food, but it’s also for the tablecloths upon which one dines to enjoy these gourmet delights. Just as the French are leaders in the fashion industry, France is also a worldwide leader in textile design and production. That’s why you’ll see that French linens for your table are top quality. R.H. Ballard’s selection is extremely varied with everything you could imagine in a table linen; we have the everyday colorful linens, as well as the formal occasion classic ivory shades. Buy multiples and you can frequently switch out the look on the table in your dining room or kitchen or on the patio.

Garnier-Thiebaut and French Jacquard Tablecloths

Le Jacquard Français table linens began production in Gérardmer, France in 1978 and featured the designs of Primrose Bordier. Gérardmer is one of the most prominent locales for elegant textile production and has been since 1888. French Jacquard tablecloths are either machine washable or coated with easy-to-wipe acrylic.

Garnier-Thiebaut has an even more established history; the company began production on linens in 1833 in the Alsace-Lorraine area. Chances are, if you’ve been to any of the most elegant and exclusive hotels, cruises, resorts, country clubs or restaurants throughout the globe, you’ve come across a Garnier-Thiebaut table linen—you just may not have known it.

At R.H. Ballard, we’re proud to be official retailers of these unsurpassed brands of table linens. If you want to import some of that French elegance to your home, look no further than our fine selection of pure cotton, pure linen and cotton blend tablecloths.

Ordering Your French Tablecloths

The Le Jacquard Français and Garnier-Thiebaut table linens you’ll find in the R.H. Ballard online catalog bring haute couture into your home—without costing you a fortune. Is a birthday, an anniversary or a holiday coming up? Why not ask friends and family to get the elegance of French tablecloths as your gift? Put the French table linens that catch your eye on your R.H. Ballard wishlist by clicking “add to wishlist” on the product pages and link your friends to the wishlist by clicking “Email Wishlist” on the wishlist page.

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