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"Savory chutneys from Virginia Chutney Company are a perfect addition to a cheese plate..."

10oz. Jars, $7.95 ea.

New York Times food writer, Marian Burros, chose this local chutney business as a favorite and said: "Clare Turner, an Englishwoman who grew up in East Africa, has merged her country's chutney wisdom with Southern recipes. The results are full of fruits, instead of gooey syrups. For the Christmas bird, there's cranberry chutney; for everything else, sweet peach chutney or hot peach chutney....."

SPICY PLUM: sweet, traditional southern chutney made with caramelized onions and ginger. Delicious with roast pork, Brie or cheddar. Ingredients: plums, white sugar, brown sugar, apples, vinegar, raisins, onions, ginger, mustard seed, salt, red pepper.

HOT PEACH: Habanero peppers give this Hot Peach Chutney great flavor and heat. Provides a kick to appetizers and is delicious with ham, chicken, shrimp and fish. Ingredients: apples, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peaches, apricots, raisins, ginger, garlic, salt, habanero pepper.

SWEET PEACH: Our most versatile chutney... delicious, refreshing, and gingery, this chutney is a great addition to curries, cold ham, chicken salad and most cheeses. It is also first-rate with fish. Ingredients: apples, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, peaches, apricots, raisins, garlic, ginger, salt.

CRANBERRY: Cranberry is a traditional accompaniment to Thanksgiving turkey. Wonderful with sandwiches, cheese and leftovers. Unlike cranberry jelly which is made from juice and pectin, our chutney is full of fruit; slow cooked down to a thick, flavorful reduction. Ingredients: cranberries, sugar, apple cider vinegar, oranges, raisins, onions, water, dates, ginger, garlic, salt.

MANGO: a sweet, gingery version of the classic Major Grey type chutney with a third the salt of most other brands. Delicious with sandwiches, curries, ham, grilled fish and goat cheese. Ingredients: mango, sugar, apple cider vinegar, ginger, salt, raisins, garlic, cloves, lime juice, cinnamon.

GREEN TOMATO: This Old South condiment is a delicious eye-opener when paired with a savory omelet. Ingredients: green tomatoes, apples, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, raisins, onions, ginger, mustard seed, cayenne pepper, salt.

BALSAMIC FIG CHUTNEY: On the sweeter side, our Balsamic Fig is an excellent match for blue cheeses and roasted game birds like quail. Ingredients: water, dried figs, apples, sugar, balsamic vinegar, ginger, orange peel, mustard seed, salt, lemon juice, red pepper flakes.


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