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Bar Soap

Explore the Exquisite Bar Soap Collection

Soaps are probably the most efficient invention that has literally transformed our hygiene and lifestyle. The fragrance and presentation of a custom soap set can deliver the highest aesthetics and care you want to show to your loved ones. If you are looking for exclusive soaps that are quite rare then you are in the right place. R H Ballard Shop & gallery presents the most magnificent collection of high-quality soaps for special occasions and gifting purposes.

These remarkable soaps have a vintage essence of the best essential oils and fragrances we find in nature. The Big Pine Mountain Soap in this collection will mesmerize you with its fresh mountain aroma. While using it, you will discover yourself in the mountains amidst nature.

Are you thinking of an elegant gift for men? Try the soap on a rope mensfrom our collection. This item has been designed to eliminate the mess of soap trays. The quick-drying formula and innovative process of hanging the soap from a rope allows it to keep it dry and ready-to-use anytime. The spicy citrus aroma has been developed by Pre De Provence, France. This soap lasts longer and delivers an aesthetically pleasing cleaning session every time you use it.

Discover the perfect combination of elegant soaps for a perfect housewarming gift for your loved ones. Choose these soap sets for festivals and special occasions. The guests will be mesmerized by every item they use from the box. Use Big Pine Mountain Soapfor a long-lasting aroma in your hands and body.

This is the ideal way to impress your guests and family members. Show them your classy taste by choosing these elegant soaps made by the top brands in the world. Gift soap on a rope mensand impress the loved ones easily.

Choose R. H. Ballard Shop & Gallery for the widest choices of exclusive bar soaps.