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Candles, Tapers, Votives

Explore the Collection of High-Quality Candles

We carry a large assortment of scented and unscented luxury candles, which pair beautifully with our candle holders and votive holders.

What makes an occasion more special? How can you change the ambiance of your room in a remarkable way? What makes the dining time romantic and passionate? You guessed it right. The right choice of scented and non-scented candles is what makes a home look warm and inviting.

It has the ultimate power to transform the interior of your home into something marvelous. The exotic fragrances of scented candles deliver the best experience. Use these natural fragrances to kindle passion and impress your loved one.

You have reached the right place to find luxury scented and non-scented candles that come with extraordinary stands. A modern designer fresh cut gardenia candle in our collection is the best decorative element you can add to your dining table or your bedroom. You will not have to worry as these candles are handmade and are extremely safe.

Always choose luxury candles for special occasions. They do not emit smoke or toxic fumes. These candles are made with the highest quality wax and wicks mixed with natural essences. The exotic scented candles will make you feel surrounded by nature. The fragrance will create a natural ambiance that you and your guests will love.

When you are with your loved one, lit a fresh cut gardenia candleand dim the lights. Let the magic begin! The room will be filled with the extraordinary aroma of the candles. The beautiful flame in the decorated stands will also make your home look very beautiful.

It is time to make your own collection of such candles. Worry not as R H Ballard Shop & Gallery has come up with the ultimate collection of luxury candles for special occasions.

Check out the different fragrant candles in this collection and add them to your wish list. Impress your family members and special guests.