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Persian Gabbeh and Isfahan Rugs

In Farsi, the word Gabbeh means something raw or natural, uncut or "in the rough". Gabbeh's are the world's best-known coarsely woven Iranian tribal rugs.  Woven for centuries, Gabbeh rugs are from tribal regions in the south central Zagros mountain range and plains.

The orginal and simple Gabbeh rugs are a very thick pile, woven in a relatively low knot density, while the Lori Gabbeh's are a tighter weave and more detailed with a high knot density. Designs are typically geometric and symbolic in shape and style.  Gabbeh weavers may be telling a story, depicting a landscape or scene, or even conveying an emotion.  Most commonly Gabbeh's are woven to tell a story, with figures and symbols depicting parts of the weaver's story. This subjective and random process creates a completely unique work of art, distinct from other Persian rugs and from many other types of weaving or knotted rugs in general.

Isfahan rugs are well known as some of the highest quality rugs available with centuries of history. They are classic oriental rugs with vine and flower motives, standard in hand knotted traditional rugs.  Our rugs are light and neutral with minimal contrast to match the modern home aesthetic.

Each rug illustrated here is a unique hand knotted rug.


Persian Gabbeh rugs are known for their coarse and thick texture. This technique of creating hand-woven rugs dates back several centuries. The Persian tribes residing in the Zagros Mountains and associated plains weavethese rugs with love and care. These items are extremely rare and found in a collector’s lobby. To bring these beautiful masterpieces to your home, R H Ballard Shop & Gallery has designed a beautiful collection.

The elegance of Gabbeh rugs Iranstraight from the homes of the local weavers will now light up your interior. The hand-woven finest wool and natural dyes are used to give a thick pile a beautiful shape with age-old textures and designs. Some of the traditional patterns depict a story whereas some reflect the culture of the Persian tribes.

Our rug and art gallerycomprises the classic masterpieces depicting the traditional Lori, Kashkoli, Sozani, and other designs. Any interior theme goes well with these items. All you have to do is to find the right color combination of these rugs.

The Persian Gabbehrugs have a vintage themed color palette that adds a marvelous aesthetic element to your home décor. The most popular are the abstract and geometrical designs the tribes have been using to weave their rugs for centuries. The uniqueness of their imagination is irreplaceable. All these rugs are hand-knotted delivering a coarse feel. This coarseness depicts the rugged lifestyle of the Zagros plains and mountains.

These rugs can be washed and used for years when properly taken care of. The finest wool is used to weave these coarse rugs on a foundation of wool offering a comfortable feel for the winter season.

Visit our rug and art galleryto find the best Persian rugs at the most suitable prices. Make your own collection or gift it to your loved ones on special occasions.