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  • Ellipse Poppy Coated Tablecloth

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Ellipse Poppy Coated NEW!



The geometric pattern on this Ellipse coated tablecloth in Poppy is inspired by a "Retro Print", a combination of chic fabrics from the Sixties and the curvature of Seventies wallpaper. These tablecloths come in thinner widths, shorter lengths, matte acrylic coating on one side, cotton on the opposite side. Great for daily use in kitchens and outdoor settings. This tablecloth is "wipe-off" only, meaning you just need a sponge to keep it clean, or machine wash and hang on line to dry.

Woven in France. Machine washable.

Offered in 3 tablecloth sizes, with matching 100% cotton napkins, and 100%cotton Placemats

Do not place coated items in dryer

Napkins (COTTON):  19in x 19in

Placemats (COATED): 18in x 14in

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