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  • Feu de Bois Reparative hand Cream


Feu de Bois Reparative Hand Cream


From Lafco's House & Home Candle Collection
FRAGRANCE: Woody, smokey and warm; the scent of burning wood with a hint of mountain spruce.
Our Reparative Hand Cream is uniquely emollient and protective due to its rich concentration of natural botanical oils . It is a nourishing and healing drink for the skin. Free of silicone and petroleum. Made in Italy. 100% natural cottonseed, jojoba and olive oils absorb quickly into your skin.
  • Added rice proteins create a lasting protective layer against daily stress
  • We use only natural essential oil-based fragrances.
  • Free of dyes, SLS, SLES and parabens.
  • Our 15 oz. bottle is made of fully recyclable plastic.


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