• Feuillage Talc Tablecloth Setting
  • Feuillage Talc Tablecloth
  • Feuillage Talc Napkin
  • Feuillage Talc Coated Placemat
  • Feuillage Talc Coated Placemat Setting

Le Jacquard Français

Feuillage Talc Cotton Tablecloth




55" x 89" - April 27, 2018

This nature inspired design adds a pop of vivid color to any dinner table. Feuillage blends modern and traditional styles and patterns to create a flexible design that works in any dining room.  100% combed cotton, long fibers. 

Napkins: 20in x 20in 

COATED Placemats: 19in x 14in

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