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Huile d'Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil, J. Leblanc


Since 1878, the LeBlanc family has been using age-old techniques to grind seeds and fruits on the same stone mill based in the town of Iguerande in southern Burgundy. Except for adding electricity, Huilerie J. LeBlanc has changed little since 1878, the year it was founded. It is still run by a Leblanc, Jean-Charles, grandson of the founder.

This is a product that delights the sauté chef while bringing unbridled excitement to salads. This unique oil from France has a golden color, an aroma of ripe bananas and a well-rounded fruity taste. It takes you on a culinary journey not unlike that of the major French "culinary stars" of Guide Michelin and Gault & Millaut to renowned restaurant chefs from Chez Panisse and Viognier.

The best olive oils are the extra virgin olive oils meaning they have 1% or less acidity, as well as being "cold pressed". In the cold press process the olives are crushed between huge, finely chiseled stones to produce a pulp, which is then layered on mats and hundreds of tons of pressure are applied to extract the oil. These oils are unfiltered or refined. The Leblanc family has been perfecting this process since 1878. Remember great tastes start with using the finest ingredients.

16 fl oz