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La Maison D’Armorine Salted Butter Soft Caramels


Made with real butter and Guerande sea salt, these rich, chewy La Maison D’Armorine Salted Butter Caramels are a delicious treat for any sweet tooth. These candies are made from the finest ingredients available and manufactured using traditional processes in copper pans. All elements, from the fresh butter, cream, and milk, to the Guérande sea salt and cane sugar are locally sourced. The use of salted butter gives a delicious balance of sweet and salty flavors for a sumptuously melt-in-the-mouth caramel. Truly irresistible.

Salted butter caramels come individually wrapped in the traditional "camembert" round wooden box.  Each box contains approximately 18 caramels.

Product of France

6.35 ounces.  

This product contains milk products and may contain traces of nuts.