• Large Ash Lazy Susan
  • Ash Lazy Susan Ambiance

JK Adams

Large Ash Lazy Susan


This unique Lazy Susan has a galvanized serving tray and an ash board with a teak oil finish, giving it a slightly gray hue. 

All J.K. Adams product are built to last for generations, but will only do so if they receive proper use and care. In order to care for your J.K. Adams product, be sure never to to let soak in water or run through the dishwasher. To clean, simply use warm, soapy water and a sponge to lightly scrub, then allow to dry thoroughly. J.K. Adams wood and slate products also benefit from regular treatments with a moisturizing oil or conditioner, for example the food-safe Beeswax Conditioner or Mineral Oil by J.K. Adams, although any wax-based conditioner or oil will work. Simply apply a small amount of the oil or conditioner evenly on the surface of your product once every few months. 

Hand crafted in Dorset, Vermont

18" round

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