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Provence Beige Coated

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69in x 69in
69in x 98in
69in x 126in
47in x 47in COTTON ONLY
59in x 59in
59in x 86in
Placemats COTTON Set of 2
Napkins COTTON Set of 2

This is a French jacquard woven cotton tablecloth that has been coated with a matte finish acrylic (not shiny!) on one side.  Matisse-inspired design. This tablecloth can be cleaned with a sponge, but it can also be machine washed and hung on a line to dry. Do not place in dryer or place hot pots or pans on the surface. 


Matching 100% cotton napkins and 100% cotton placemats.

Napkins (cotton): 23in x 23in

Placemats (cotton and stain resistant, not acrylic coated): 21in x 15in

Table Runners only available in 100% cotton.

47" x 47" tablecloth is available only in cotton, not coated.

All other sizes of tablecloths are only available in coated: 59x59, 59x86, 69x69, 69x98, 69x126


  • Pure cotton tablecloths with a stain-resistant acrylic coating on one side, designed for frequent use.
  • Handy for meals with the family or friends, decorative and easy to clean, ideal for everyday use, in the kitchen or the dining room, as well as on the terrace or in the garden.
  • To remove stains, simply wipe off with a damp sponge. No stain remover, no solvent, no bleach required.
  • After several uses, you can occasionaly wash your tablecloth at 40°. Withstands years of washing thanks to the excellent properties of the coating.
  • Avoid resting hot saucepans or dishes straight from the oven directly on the tablecloth.
  • In order to preserve the coating, it is recommended not to leave the tablecloth outside after use.
  • To remove creases or wrinkles, it is recommended to carefully use a hand steamer on the cotton side and watch the wrinkles fade away.