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  • Provence, Lavender Blue Acrylic Coated Tablecloth
  • French Jacquard Provence, Lavender Blue
  • Provence, Lavender Blue Acrylic Coated Runner
  • Jacquard Runner Provence,  Acrylic Coated
  • Lavender Blue Acrylic Coated Tablecloth
  • Placemat Provence, Lavender Blue

Le Jacquard Français

Provence Lavender Blue Coated



This is a French jacquard woven cotton tablecloth that has been coated with a matte finish acrylic (not shiny!) on one side.  Matisse-inspired design. This tablecloth can be cleaned with a sponge, but it can also be machine washed and hung on a line to dry. Do not place in dryer or place hot pots or pans on the surface. 


100% Cotton Napkins: 23in x 23in

100% Cotton "Stain-Reistant" Placemats (easy-care, not acrylic coated): 21in x 15in

Table Runners: only available in 100% cotton: 22in x 59in, 22in x 79in

47" x 47" Tablecloth: only available only in 100% cotton.

All other sizes of Tablecloths are only available in coated: 59x59, 59x86, 69x69, 69x98, 69x126

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