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Small Butcher Block Board, Reclaimed Wood


A wonderful cutting board size, perfect for small spaces.

Chic and and made of reclaimed wood, and hand finished with organic oil, the small round Italian cutting board is ideal as a cheese board, but also refined enough to be used as a serving platter. This instant heirloom calls to mind the comfort and the utility of the European kitchen. The sturdy wood board is a rustic addition to any table, beautiful as it is functional.

This cutting board is hand-crafted from reclaimed wood. Due to the nature of the found beams, no piece will be perfectly identical.  

With consistent care, the life of the cutting board will be extended. At least once a month, apply a coat of butcher block conditioner or a natural mineral oil to all surfaces of the cutting board. Sanitize the cutting board by wiping all surfaces with mild dish soap and water.

Weight: 1 lb
Length: 10 inches
Width: 7 inches
Height: 1.5 inches