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Le Jacquard Français

So Bloom Lipstick Pink Coated Tablecloth



This coated design, in shades of pink, only requires a sponge to clean the coated top, even wine beads-up on this coated cloth. So Bloom has a large graphic design of many flowers in bloom. It is all set against a backdrop of gradated colors of pink. Contemporary design, this is available in Three bright summer colors of blue, pink, and yellow. There are also matching Towels available in all 3 colors. They mix festively and match really well against each other.

Coated tablecloths, matching 100% cotton napkins, and Acrylic Coated Placemats. 

Do not place coated items in dryer

No table runners available in this design.

Napkins (COTTON):  20in x 20in

Placemats (COATED): 19in x 14in

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