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Spa Prive Satin Eye Pillow with Lavender



Create a spa in the comfort of your own home.

This Spa Eye Pillow will  help you relax and relieve tension. A complete selection of natural bath and personal care products to enhance your private spa moments. Use alone or with your favorite Urbana scent collection for a more comprehensive experience.

Made in France

  • RESTFUL RELAXING SLEEP or for MEDITATION TIME: Drift into a long restful nights sleep with this pure silk eye pillow filled with calming French lavender; Or use as a perfect Eye Pillow for Meditation. This satin eye maskis a combination of soft gentle silk; pleasantly weighted feel and light blocking design
  • EASY CARE: Simply spot clean with damp cloth; Roll lavender inside eye mask between your fingers to refresh scent; Satin fabric soothes your skin while you sleep; To view more of our products click the Urban Spa link at the top of the page
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