Ethical Candle Choices with the Sydney Hale Co

Ethical Candle Choices with the Sydney Hale Co

For the Sydney Hale Company, candle-making is more local than you might think. Right in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, handcrafting these luxury fragrances starts with a clear objective: to produce products of the highest quality right here in the USA. This means the highest commitment to sustainability, choosing packaging and fulfillment materials that reduce stress of the land and meeting the qualifications to be a certified B corp.

Sydney Hale Company achieved their B Corp status in September 2020. The certification process shed light on their existing strengths while also guiding them to areas for improvement. It's worth noting that obtaining and maintaining certification involves a rigorous process, ensuring that standards are consistently met over time.

Their candles boast a 50 hour burn time with clean-burning soy-blend wax that fills a room with long-lasting fragrance. But, their dedication to their craft doesn't end at the endless amount of perfect scents. Sydney Hale Company goes above and beyond for the Virginia community. Since 2010, they've been steadfast supporters of local organizations like Richmond Animal League, Richmond SPCA, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, and The Sato Project. Their contributions help provide essential care and shelter to homeless and mistreated animals, embodying their belief in making a difference where it's needed most.

But their commitment to community doesn't stop there. In 2023, they expanded their philanthropic endeavors to include projects focused on safe and affordable housing. Teaming up with organizations like project:HOMES, Sydney Hale Company aims to address critical community needs and make a lasting impact in Richmond.

By choosing Sydney Hale Company, customers aren't just purchasing candles—they're supporting a brand that believes in making every moment count. With each flicker of light, Sydney Hale Company illuminates homes and hearts with their commitment to craftsmanship, compassion, and community.

Why not take home some of their candles today and support a giving mission that helps the Virginia community thrive each day.

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