Frequently Asked Questions: Fine Art


Q: Do you appraise artwork?
A: No, we do not appraise artwork.

Q: Do you buy artwork?
A: We do not buy artwork from individuals soliciting purchase. We have a repertoire of artists and connections that we source our artwork to ensure authenticity, provenance, and quality of work. Any cold inquires via phone call or email will immediately be declined.

Insistent phone calls or emails will be blocked and marked as fraudulent

Q: Do you take checks via mail for payment?
A: We accept all standard forms of payment for artwork. Payment by check, received through the USPS, will be accepted. If you plan on paying for artwork via check, please call 540-675-1411, or email, with a phone number contact, to set up a phone call.

To avoid fraudulent activity, all checks will be processed through the sender’s bank and artwork will not be shipped or available for pick-up until the check has processed. If a check does not clear within 3 business days of arrival, the order will be cancelled. The sender is responsible for all postal fees. Fees and paid postage will not be refunded in the event of a cancelled order.

Q: How is artwork measured?
A: The measurements associated with any piece are the dimensions of the work itself, without framing. If you wish to know the measurements of a particular piece with framing included, please reach out to or via our online chat system with the name of the piece you are interested in and the best contact information.

Q: Do you frame?
A: All artwork for sale on our website is available to be framed for an additional fee. We accept custom framing options on a limited and case-by-case basis. If you are interested in framing art work we have online, you can add a note on your purchase. Please include an email address or phone number for contact to arrange framing options.

If framing is indicated on an artwork purchase and we have not received any correspondence within 8 days of the purchase, artwork will be shipped or marked ‘ready for pick-up’. Returns on artwork are not accepted.

Q: How do I know which pieces are framed?
A: Many pieces are framed; if you wish to find out if your artwork is framed, please view the artwork listing for more information.

Q: Can I see how a particular piece is framed?
A: If you wish to view the framing on a particular piece, please email customer service ( or submit an inquiry with your email via our online chat option.

Q: Where do you ship artwork?
A: Artwork is available to be shipped across the United States. Most artwork has a flat fee of $25 dollars in fragile shipping charges. We do not ship artwork overseas. For shipping artwork to Canada or Mexico, please contact us via phone, email, or via our online chat option.

Q: Do you have exhibitions or events?
A: Yes, we have exhibitions and gallery showcases. You can join our email list to receive up-to-date information on all new artwork, exhibitions, and showcases. Some events are by invitation or for local viewing only. If you have any questions about upcoming events and showcases, please contact us via email or our online chat option.