Collection: Joan Miro

Joan Miro (1893-1983) was a prolific Spanish artist, enamored with the Paris art scene as a young man. Known for his wide array of work spanning several decades, and using several mediums, Miro was a pioneer of twentieth-century art. Miro’s work defined the surrealist period, utilizing organic forms as a touchstone for his abstract imagery. Miro employed the concept of automatism, having his subconscious dictate visual forms, resulting in vivid biomorphic imagery the artist is known for. 

As a response to the solitude in painting, later in life, Miro’s desire to collaborate with other artists and propagate his work among a wider audience led Miro to printmaking. The artist became prolific in lithographs, etching, and aquatints. He would continue his work until his death in 1983, at 90 years old.