New Autumnal Le Jacquard Francais "Forêt Enchantée"

New Autumnal Le Jacquard Francais "Forêt Enchantée"


As friends and family begin to make plans about gathering for the fall season, there is one plan that is often overlooked: creating a memorable setting. This year, perhaps more than others, many families will be making up for lost time. One way to start a conversation? Decorating with Le Jacquard Francais linens. 

Le Jacquard Francais Linens have been the epitome of quality since 1888, and with a year leaving us craving nature and botanicals, Le Jacquard Francais has introduced a line sure to be show-stopping. Try the Forêt Enchantée in Orange for a vibrant autumnal hue, reminiscent of foliage and showcasing woodland fauna. 

The all new line comes in three vibrant shades sure to start conversation. The Le Jacquard Francais Forêt Enchantée is 100% cotton and always made in France. You can always be sure of the fine quality of Le Jacquard Francais linens. So, gather your friends and family with the all-new Le Jacquard Francais line and be sure to make a lasting impression all year long. 

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