New Year, New Sculpture

New Year, New Sculpture

New sculpture by several of our artists have arrived in our gallery and outside, across the street at our outdoor sculpture space, Artifacts-on-Main. Here are a few images of new works and information on the artist's process.


Fruiting Body, Mixed Media, Skateboards
22"H x 16"W x 3"D

Jeanne Drevas was a long time resident of Rappahannock County, VA. She now lives near Sheridan, Oregon in a new passive solar home. She had been casting about for what she wanted to do next in the way of gleaning and making and somehow used skateboards came to her. She loves the distressed graphics, the strength and beauty of 7 ply maple plywood, the life that these decks once provided to skate boarders and now she is seeing just what they offer. We have several of her new works now available.


Clatterbox Stork Marionette, Mixed Media
33" x 12" x 24"

Janet Brome states the following on her new sculptures: "I enjoy starting a work with an idea and letting the content dictate the medium and the approach. This takes me into new territory. I wrestle with both aesthetic and mechanical problems. These wanderings usually end up as 3-D constructions. I am currently intrigued by metal screen and what it does when manipulated. By adding color, shaping, and layering the wire mesh, I can create work that reveals surprises from every angle. When making my screen sculptures, I simply try to be open to what the material wants to do."


Bench Sitter, Concrete & Pigment "Bench Sitter"
60"H x 19"W x 23"D


 Pre Knots, forged iron




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