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Le Jacquard Francais Coated Tablecloths

Le Jacquard Francais coated cotton tablecloth have all the wonderful elegance and beauty of the traditional cotton tablecloths, however they have a light, matte acrylic coating that is not shiny, and which is applied to the jacquard cotton allowing them to be simply wiped clean. These French damask tablecloths can also be machine washed, line dried. Made in Alsace Lorraine, France.

Since 2002, R.H. Ballard Shop & Gallery has been an Official Le Jacquard Francais Retailer. 

What escalates the elegance of your dining table? A magnificent table cloth and a beautiful set of crockery can give the best aesthetic presentation. The family members and guests will find the arrangement quite warm and welcoming. This is where French tableclothscan be used to shape a brilliant decoration on the table.

The best-in-class Le Jacquard Francaistablecloths can bring an elegantaurato your dining space. Jacquard Francais linens are master-crafted to add precision to your interior décor. These tablecloths are coated with acrylic to give a matte or glossy finish to the beautiful designs.

Le Jacquard Francaishas become a popular household name that delivers the following benefits to your dining space.

  • Extraordinary finish

These are damask cotton tablecloths coated with high-quality acrylic. Theapplication makes the rough absorbent cotton surface smoother. Hence, these acrylic coated tableclothsadd glaze to the arrangements. Your crockery will fabulous on these tablecloths.

  • Beautiful designs

A Jacquard Francais tableclothcomes with excellent designs. The designs and patterns are handpicked by the brand to match the contemporary tastes of modern households. You will discover beautiful themes and colors such as exotic jungle, ivory, rye, maple, beige, red pepper, cherry, etc.

  • Easy to clean

These acrylic-coated Jacquard Francais linensare ideal for all kinds of dinner arrangements. You will not have to worry about spills and stains. The linen will not absorb spills due to the innovative coating and can be wiped clean easily. There is no need to hurry to clean the spills when the acrylic coating is there to save the day.

Find the most beautiful Le Jacquard Francaistablecloth sets to match your interior theme from the latest collection.

Shop for theseLe Jacquard Francaislinen tablecloths at the best price and order them to get delivered to your doorstep.