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Vintage French Bistro Buckets

Direct from the flea markets of France, these unique buckets can be used for ice, champagne, or wine. They were once used in the French Bistros. Some have more wear than others, each one a unique piece. The bucket you see is the bucket you will receive. There is only 1 bucket available per order, no multiples are available of each design.

Are you fascinated by the use of a Vintage Champagne Bucketin a signature restaurant? Do you want the elegance of a vintage French champagne bucketat your parties? You have stepped into the right place to find the classic ice buckets. R H Ballard Shop & Gallery presents the finest-crafted buckets for champagne straight from the flea markets of France.

A metallic vintage champagne cooleris ideal for keeping the exotic bottle of elixir, cold and fresh for hours. Every guest at the party will admire your choice. Discover the beauty of these masterpieces from Baulmin, Fontanafredda, Delbeck, Duval Leroy, etc in this magnificent collection. All the items are authentic and unique.

When you use a vintage French champagne bucket, you can keep the champagne cold for two to three hours inside your home. The traditional champagne cooler vintageprocess helps you keep the bottle cold and let the guests savor every sip of it.

Any of the items in this vintage champagne ice bucketcollection will be compatible with your interior and will add an extra element of aesthetics to the beholder’s eyes. A Vintage Champagne Bucket can be paired with our beautiful vintage champagne bowl. Find the modern and retro designs of these bowls that match your choice of a bucket.

Your way of organizing a niche social gathering must have a vintage champagne ice bucket. The pricy bottles must have a proper company on the table. Let everyone enjoy the view of these timeless ice buckets and the costly champagne bottle wrapped in a napkin surrounded by lovely flowers and gourmet dishes.

Why wait then? Delve deeper into our posh champagne cooler vintagecollection and find the most beautiful bucket for your home or office. All these items are French-made and are authentic.