3 Holiday Tips To Craft Your Perfect Holiday Dinner

3 Holiday Tips To Craft Your Perfect Holiday Dinner


Planning your big Holiday Dinners can’t start soon enough. With shipping delayed across the United States this year, it’s important to get a head start on ordering supplies you might need to make your big dinner go off without a hitch. Here at the shop, we’ve compiled some tips to help you navigate making your night perfect. 

Choosing Your Color Scheme 

When building a perfect dinner environment, one of the basic things to consider is your color scheme. It may seem obvious, but when choosing colors for linens and place settings you want to consider the whole of how your dining room will look. Choosing colors goes beyond the paint on the walls, when picking colors, consider your fine china patterns, rug designs, paintings, and the color of the furniture in the room.

For the Holidays, most people gravitate towards what is considered ‘Winter’ colors, like deep cranberry, midnight blue, silver, and white. These colors evoke the feeling of winter on the table and make a great background to a gorgeous place-setting. One tip we can offer is when making cataloging colors present in the room, is to make note of the accent colors. Matching your linen to accent colors can allow the room to look more cohesive and draw attention to the table. 

Be Cautious About Your Center Piece 

When choosing a centerpiece for your table, you must consider the height of the guests, as well as the size of the table. Having a large centerpiece on a small table can sometimes block conversation, and stall the night. You want to make sure that your centerpieces are either tall enough that they do not block conversation or small enough that guests can see over them.


At the shop, we have several pieces designed to help navigate creating a beautiful central scene. You can use these white ceramic trees to create a central winter wonderland or pair this beautiful 16’’ stag head with a wreath to dress up your table. A more whimsical placement could be a march of these ceramic penguins along the center-line of your table. 

Leave A Parting Gift

You want to leave your guests wanting more. It’s important to remember when hosting to have a parting gift for your guests to remember the night by. Especially when most will have long travels home, one thing we can suggest is making small goody bags for the travels home. One idea is combining our Vosges Haut-Chocolate mini Chocolate bars with a bag of our White-Cheddar Truffle Popcorn. Take one or two chocolate bars from the sampler (or even the whole sampler), pair with a bag of white-cheddar truffle popcorn, and finish with a hand-written note thanking your guest for the visit for a gift that will leave them feeling welcome and satisfied with their visit.

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