5 Stocking Stuffers For The Outdoorsy Dreamer in Your Life 

5 Stocking Stuffers For The Outdoorsy Dreamer in Your Life 

There is nothing quite like the allure of hiking trails and the sweet call of the wild for some of our closest loved ones. Living in the hills of the blue ridge, we know this feeling all too well! If you’re feeling out of your depth in finding the right picks for the naturalist in your life, we have you covered!

50 Things to Do in The Wild

This hardcover book is small enough to throw in a rucksack and hit the trail. We love this book for its usefulness, quirk, and charm. Illustrations by Maria Nilsson and paired with the knowledge of Richard Skrein make this book a must have for the new outdoorsman and veteran wilderness adventurers alike. From bushcraft, fire-starting, candle-making, and fletching your own arrows this book is sure to have something in store for any outdoor enthusiast.

Sophia Glass Bud Vases 

This set of 4 Sofia Glass Bud Vases is a match made for the naturalist that is always bringing home something from their adventure. The clear, hand-blown glass is perfect for displaying wildflowers found on a hike or wandering through the fields. A wonderful display for a token of sentimentality. Place in a window, on a kitchen table, or wardrobe to add a delicate memory to any space. 

Black Truffle Peanuts 

Who said peanuts had to be boring? These Black Truffle Peanuts by Hope & Harmony Peanuts take genuine Virginia Peanuts and luxurious Italian Truffles and elevates the mundane to a protein snack that not only tastes great but will give energy for the whole hike. You can mix in Reynaud French Chocolate Hearts to create a trail mix that won’t just please on the peaks. 

Icelandic Moss Soap 

Made from Icelandic Moss, a type of lichen known for growing on the lava slopes, plains, and mountainsides of Iceland, this nutrient rich soap takes the fresh scents of sage, lemon, and soft wood into the shower and leaves skin feeling renewed. Hállo Sápa Moss Soap is formulated with wild, hand-harvested Icelandic Moss, antioxidant-rich sage essential oil, and their sustainable soap base. 

Astronomy Match Bottle 

An essential part of any camping kit is matches! These long-stem matches are perfect for lighting a fire, or candle, while keeping fingers safe, and provide a bit of extra kindling! The screen-printed design features the phases of the moon for the outdoorsman obsessed with the night sky. The glass bottle features a cork lid to keep supplies from spilling out and would make a great addition to any backpack or fireplace mantle.

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