A Cause to Give a Hoot About

A Cause to Give a Hoot About


Here at the Shop and Gallery, we’re all about supporting artists and artisans from all backgrounds and experiences. One of our long-time connections has been with American company Mbare. Mbare connects  artisans and artists amongst the diverse and culturally rich African continent to buyers and collectors across the globe. Guided by the principles of fair trade, Mbare provides fair financial compensation and support to over 2,000 artisans across eight African countries. 

Focused on sustainability and community, Mbare prides itself on the powerful connections and partnerships it forges. One such partnership with artisans in Zimbabwe, transforms oil drums into customer-favorite Snowy Owls. These hand-made snowy owls showcase the transformative nature of Zimbabwean artists. These owls symbolize endurance, patience, and wisdom. Combining the symbolism of the work itself, and integrity of the artisans, we feel these owls are wonderful additions to any space. 

Supporting the work of artisans brings vital economic and cultural development to areas that may have otherwise been without the talent and beauty that art introduces. We love the mission of Mbare! We are so happy to have supported such wonderful artisans over the years. You can take home a whole flock of owls of your very own today and continue to support small businesses and free, fair trade.


Bring your artisanal owls home today!

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