A Sense of Softness with Moulin Roty

A Sense of Softness with Moulin Roty


French toy company Moulin Roty began as a dream - a close circle of friends purchased an old mill, fixed it up, and began to craft items that embodied their sense of closeness and dreamer mentality. More than forty years later, the company has grown far and wide, spreading the joy of dreaming, softness, and story-telling. 

They design all of their products and collections with a story in mind, each item belongs to a universe all their own. The softness and sweet nature of these toys make them incredibly attractive to children. 

Their playsets, like the Ballerina Mouse Valise Play Set and the My Little Armoire - La Grande Famille feature darling characters from their collections. The collections feature changeable outfits with hangers for each outfit. Parents love the practicality of these toys because their beautiful carrying cases help keep the toys tidy and safe. 

Additionally, the company creates interactive toys like our French Garden Botanist Kit that encourage young ones to go out and explore and interact with the world around them, even if it’s just their backyard. With this kit, a young explorer can write notes in their very own garden notebook, explore closer with a magnifying glass meant for small hands, press flowers, and store treasures in small boxes. The kit comes with a darling storing case to keep all the young explorer’s research safe.

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