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From French Flea Markets: Vintage Champagne Buckets

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From French Flea Markets: Vintage Champagne Buckets

These one-of-a-kind vintage French Champagne Buckets have been sourced from bistros, cafes, and restaurants all across La République. Each one is made of aluminum known for its ability to stay frosty and keep champagne on ice at the perfect temperature while serving guests. These Champagne Buckets are perfect statement pieces to complete your bar space and give an authentic Parisian twist to any decor. 

All of our buckets have been sourced directly from flea markets in Paris, and many have been made in France. They contain many different accent colors, such as yellow, red, and blue, some even in a beautiful gold hue, like the Moet & Chandon Vintage Champagne Bucket. 

Each bucket is 100% unique and some have wear from their time used abroad. You can view our assortment of buckets, and peruse your favorite champagne brands like Bollinger, Moet & Chandon, or Cliquot. 

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