Bee-autiful Tables With La Rochere Glassware

Bee-autiful Tables With La Rochere Glassware

With families gathering around the table for a time of thanks, many are already prepping for the most glamourous instagram worthy table sure to impress everyone. More than getting that perfect shot, you want pieces that aren’t for just one year, but will continue to impress year after year. 

Making sure your guests have that lasting memory, and to have heirloom pieces is one of the greatest pleasures in building a collection of glassware and table pieces. One brand that our customers swear by, and we do too, is La Rochere. This French made glassware is so versatile, durable, and beautiful that it really is perfect for any occasion. 

Their French “bee” collection is darling, and comes in so many sizes and solutions to fit your stable needs. We always have folks coming into the shop, bee-lining (pun-intended) for the glassware and saying that they bought some the year prior and needed more because this glassware quickly became their favorite.

It’s dishwasher safe, durable, and some would even say safe enough for the kid’s table. For every part of your dinner, from the toast with the La Rochere “Bee” Champagne Flute or Wine Glass, to a “Bee” Butter Dish, and even a “Bee” Coffee Mug for the after-dinner conversation, La Rochere has the solution to your table. 

Don’t “Bee” left behind in your big-dinner planning, take a look at all of the options La Rochere has right here.

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