Cleansing Amethyst and Kristin Ford 

Cleansing Amethyst and Kristin Ford 

Jewelry Designer, Kristin Ford, has a long history with the Shop & Gallery, we met her at her very first NYC trade show! Needless to say, our love for the designer has only grown over time. Her work is stunning, utilizing real gemstones and crystals in her designs that are sure to please. 

More than that, Kristin believes in the power that stones can have for wearers, beyond the beautiful sparkle they add! Ford founded her company back in 1994, and was drawn to the idea of healing energy in the stones after an inspiring trip to India. She says her designs come to her while meditating and she hopes that the jewels bring hope, love, and peace into the wearer's life. 

Amethyst is one of the stones Ford utilizes in her designs. We love the range of hue that amethyst can produce. From a pale lavender to a regal, deep plum, amethyst stones are known for their eye-catching beauty. But, to some circles, Amethyst is also known for its cleansing properties. 

To many eastern-medicine circles that utilize crystals as part of their healing properties, Amethyst is given to those who seek fresh starts or the building of trust, peace, and care. Whether you believe in the ability of a stone to heal or not, the symbolism alone makes amethysts the perfect gifts for brides-to-be, or a loved one starting a new job, journey, or family. 

Kristin’s designs are perfect for elegance, such as her Cascading Amethyst Earring, or for subtle dinners in, with her Amethyst and Hematite Necklace. 

You can view more of Kristin Ford’s Designs, including amethyst pieces, here. 

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