Engaging Encaustic With Jeannine Regan

Engaging Encaustic With Jeannine Regan

Long-awaited new works from Virginia based artist, Jeannine Regan, have arrived in the Gallery.  After a smashing re-debut in the Gallery for the 2022 Fall Art Tour, Jeannine’s work has become one of our most asked about features. Utilizing the time-honored, and painstaking, methods of encaustic, Jeannine breathes new life into the medium. Her work explores the fleeting balance of nature and experience, existing somewhere in-between the liminal and subliminal that make up perception.

A Song For Winter

These new works showcase her aptitude for color and space, depicting meditative landscapes that evoke the viewer to journey along with the artist.  With each viewing, one can find a new path and direction that guides their personal pilgrimage through her work. From her penchant for relief work, carving directly into the soft beeswax medium, to her subversive layers that create an uncommon field of depth for the viewer, her work challenges the limits of encaustic work and showcases a singular mastery of the medium.

Lowland Marsh

The artist has dedicated extensive hours to the creation of her work, constantly chasing the exact vision she hopes to share with her audience. In her own words, she describes the work as  “A process of building up and tearing down, adding and then excavating, scraping and melting (encaustics), and pushing the image to the edge of loss, and then bringing it back again.”

Night Watch

You can view her work online here, or visit us in-person anytime between 10am-6pm. We recommend those interested in her work come sooner rather than later, as the collection is popular, and we cannot hold artwork for viewing.


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