Getting Playful with Placemats!

Getting Playful with Placemats!

The exuberance of summer inspires us to get outside with picnics, friends and gatherings. The creative mindset is flourishing and it’s time to build a colorful toolbox for our tables to really embrace the season of fun!

We, as modern people, can sometimes tend towards the neutrals in our homes to keep the peace and create a clean look- which is wonderful! But, when surrounded by the colors and botanicals of the summer, it’s almost an insult to not incorporate those colors into our lives.

An easy way to elevate your neutral space is to add a pop of color to your table with placemats. This creates a dramatic seating element your guests will remember! Pairing a neutral color with something vibrant is show-stopping. Here, we paired the New 2022 Arriere-Pays Orange with our Customer Favorite Fleurs Gourmandes Chalk, for a bright, summery look.

If mixing colors isn’t your style, no worries! We have you covered. You can add color to your space by inviting in our entire range of colorful Jacquard Linen. You can view our entire collection HERE. One of our (and our customers) favorite patterns to add color to an outdoor space is the Provence line, pictured above. This line of linens is perfect for keeping a cool tone to your space and playing with analogous colors.

This line, like the Arriere-Pays collection, is also available in a wipe-off variety – so you can stay mess free, even with spills like honey or red-wine.


If you love your natural wood of your outdoor tables, we have just the pick for you - Another placemat we’re loving for adding color to our tables is the Nature Urbaine Quartz ! Pink isn’t everyone’s go-to for color, but we love how this color can add dimension and play off it’s natural compliment of Green for carving out space in a lush-botanical backyard.

Right now we’re doing our Annual Summer Sale and that means everything in the store is AT LEAST 20% Off, including all of our wonderful French linen. You can take advantage of this sale by using our code SUMMER22 for the best prices possible!
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