Give the Gift of Gourmet with the Thai Moon Knife Set

Give the Gift of Gourmet with the Thai Moon Knife Set


We all have a chef in the family, the one who day-in, day-out loves to cook. But, you wouldn’t send a surgeon into surgery without a scalpel, so don’t send your cook into the kitchen without the right tools to do the job. In time for the gift-giving season, the perfect addition to your kitchen and chef’s tool belt is our Thai Moon Knives. 

These knives are made from 100% carbon steel, forged by artisans in Thailand. The unique shape of the knife makes it easy to slice through meats, thick vegetables and provides those paper-thin slices of tomato. The knife comes in a bamboo carrying case to store with safety and to keep your knife in pristine condition. 

You can combine the Thai Moon Knife with the Slice Knife in this Duo Set. The Thai Slice Knife combines the precision of the Thai Moon Knife with the chopping capability of traditional cleavers. You will be amazed by the precision and power of these knives and how easy they’ll make slicing and dicing in the kitchen for your special chef. 


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