Marble-ous Mistral

Marble-ous Mistral


Welcoming in a new line of products this year is our beloved scents and soap collection. We are so excited for the Marble Mistral line, and for you to smell these amazing scents. It’s times like these that we so desperately wish smell-o-vision had been made reality!


French company, Mistral, has been around since 1994, creating unique, nourishing scents that are without compare. As we retire some of our older scents, we’ve been on the hunt for truly show-stopping scents, and once we had our sights (or rather scents)  on these Mistral products, we knew we’d found the perfect addition to our collection. We’re welcoming Mistral Peony, Marine, and Citrus to our shop this year. You don’t have to choose just the bath to enjoy these scents. Peony, Marine, and Citrus are available in Diffusers to fill any room. Or, place the Peony, Marine, or Citrus hand wash by the kitchen sink for a pop of sweet modernity that leaves you with a stunning scent.



The Mistral Marble collection is one of the most well-packaged bath and body products we’ve come across in some time. It is the kind of product that values the sensation and user experience from the moment you touch the box or packaging. Wrapped in beautiful water-marbled patterns, these are simply eye-catching. Pair that with their incredible scent, and we’ve got a winner!


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