New Le Jacquard Francais Kitchen & Towels for 2022

New Le Jacquard Francais Kitchen & Towels for 2022


We couldn’t possibly go over all the new towels and kitchen accessories released this year, take a look here for all of the new ones!

But, we can absolutely show you some highlights –


For our francophiles, continuing their collaboration with French Museums and Landmarks, LJF has introduced new towels, and matching aprons, representing the Arc de Triomphe and L’Abbaye cote Mer. Customers can now get a souvenir of great French landmarks all without the hassle of international travel.

The Arc De Triomphe Towel is available in two patterns, a blue ‘Le Triomphe’  and a grey ‘La Victoire’, and has a matching blue Triomphe Apron.While the L’Abbaye towels feature the trademark arches in Green and Blue hues, with an apron in an exquisite coral hue.


And those who may just love the French for their food, the new Gastronomie towels in Blue  and Red with matching Blue and Red Apron are perfect for cooking, and feature LJF warped-weft for additional absorbency in the kitchen.


There are so many more towels and other kitchen accessories to take a look at so feel free to shop the collection and explore all the new that the new year brings

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