New! With The New Year

New! With The New Year


The Holiday Season has come to a close, and at the shop, that means updating and renovating! We kicked off the new year taking some time to repaint the shop, move some things around, and restock some tried and true favorites (yes, the wraps are back in stock!) But, it wouldn’t be a new year without some new goodies to get us excited about all the possibilities this year could bring!


If your New Years Resolution is about change, we have just the thing for you.  We’re bringing in many stunning fragrances, soaps, and candles this year which can transform the mundane into an all-new experience. Even classic scents like Verbena will feel new again with our new line of soaps and lotions from Lothantique. These French-milled soaps and other products add an aspect of provincial wonder to your routine, adding a much needed refresher to the classics. Customer favorite scents such as Milk, Grapefruit, and Verbena have found new life with Lothantique. Trust us, these scents are amazing.

If you’re looking for more adventure, and maybe to add some color to your life, we’re bringing in the Mistral Marble Collection. Soon to be your new favorite scents, these beautifully packaged soaps and diffusers smell as good as they look. The Mistral Marble Collection introduces scents like Marine, Peony, and Citrus that have an impressive depth we’re loving.  The diffusers feature chic black reeds paired with the impeccable scents and packaging that makes them the perfect addition to any room. Gift it, get it for yourself, no matter what your intention, you won’t be disappointed.


Of course, no new scent haul would be complete without a candle showcase. We’re so happy to bring in six new scents from The SOi Company. Our new Aqua de Soi Candles are 11 ounces of stunning scent you’ll have to smell to believe. Each scent, like the White Lily or Balinese Teak, takes you on a journey. If you prefer more musky scents or would rather be drenched in floral, these best-selling candles have a scent for you and have fifty-five hours of burn time, so you can enjoy your new scents longer.

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