New Work By Bridgette Guerzon Mills

New Work By Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Maryland based artist, Bridgette Guerzon Mills has provided us with five stunning new pieces of artwork in the gallery. Her prolific art spans several different mediums and genres.
We’re pleased to promote her new oil paintings, online and on display in-person. These five landscapes apply her knowledge of abstraction and color to create wonderfully vivid hues and vistas for viewers to enjoy.

Her work is substantial and beautiful, expertly applying her honed skills towards enigmatic pieces. Bridgette spoke on her own work as a pull to share moments in her own life with others, going so far as to call her relationship with creating an ‘obsession’.


Mills has been described by peers as one of the kindest people one could have the pleasure of meeting, and her art clearly portrays her lovely spirit and mind by sharing her love and heart with all. 

You can view all the pieces online, here, or make a visit to the gallery to view her new work.

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