Roland Pine: One Pine To Rule Them All

Roland Pine: One Pine To Rule Them All

One thing about being in business for twenty-five years is that every year a new pine scent is beating down your door for the so-called “best pine” scent around, and trust us, we have sniffed them all ! But, we’re here to tell you, we might have just found the best pine scent to grace your home this holiday season.

Roland Pine is back again at the shop just in time for collecting stocking stuffers and kicking off the gift-giving season. Soap & Paper Factory’s Roland Pine Candles and Diffuser are Vegan, Cruelty Free products that are sure to delight even the most savant of scent critics. Roland Pine utilizes notes of Siberian Fir, Pine and Cilantro for a fresh scent with hints of sweetness that captivates the senses.  So, if you want to take your senses for a walk through a pine-forest, this is just the scent for you.

We offer the Roland Pine Soy Candles in three sizes to suit your space. We offer the Large, Medium and Votive Size. In Addition, we carry the Roland Pine Scent in a Diffuser to fill your space, flame-free. This scent really is the gift that keeps giving. Your family is sure to love this scent when visiting, and adore the person who places this scent in their gift bags. 

Stop by and sniff in person at our shop, or order online to get these Brooklyn-based candles, and a pine forest, shipped straight to your home. 

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