Sharing The Moment With Meg Walsh

Sharing The Moment With Meg Walsh

As Summer begins to approach, we’ve set our eyes to sunny days and endless skies. Vivid greens and blues dominate the Blue Ridge landscape, and every skyline or grassy meadow could be a painting.

 The Road Not Taken, Oil on Panel

Luckily for us, we’re excited to welcome back award-winning artist, Meg Walsh, to the Gallery, with eight new oil paintings that capture the landscapes inspiring us all season.

Meg Walsh Painting Plein-Air In A Field of Sunflowers

Former National Geographic editor and prolific painter, Meg Walsh, has an eye for the lush hues that dapple the world around us. These eight paintings in the gallery showcase her exemplary talent for capturing serene moments taken for granted. Her work transports us to summer sunsets we’ll never forget, walks with family in the verdant countryside, and small town getaways.

 Summer, Oil on Panel

Painting full-time since 2004, Walsh has honed her craft over the last eighteen years and earned several accolades and awards for her work. A member of the American Impressionist Society, her paintings are masterful examples of impressionist and post-impressionist color schemes. Walsh’s command of these techniques elevates her work into dreamy renditions evoking the nostalgia of a life lived with rose-colored lenses. Dripping with dimension and life, Walsh welcomes viewers into a moment and invites them to share in mindful appreciation of the space around them.

One Way Road, Oil on Panel

R.H. Ballard Gallery has been proud to continue hosting Walsh’s artwork for more than a decade. Her work is also featured in museums and private collections, showcasing her plein-air landscapes, animals, and still life paintings.

Twilight, Oil on Panel

Walsh earned a place in the book 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic, as well as awards from juried plein-air competitions, cementing her prowess amongst great artists in the region.

Her paintings can be viewed in person at R.H. Ballard Shop & Gallery or online at

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