The Eco Embrace: Connections With BeHome

The Eco Embrace: Connections With BeHome


Picture this: New York City, a bustling trade show, and the early 2000s. Infinity scarves hadn’t quite hit the market, and R.H. Ballard Shop & Gallery was in its first decade. Amidst a sea of brands vying for attention, Robert and Joanie found themselves in a chance encounter with the Belgian-born entrepreneur Jonathan Hanker. Working for Kiss That Frog at the time, Jonathan exuded a passion for sustainable living that resonated with them from the start. Little did they know at that time, this serendipitous meeting would make the beginning of a profound journey with Jonathan’s brainchild, BeHome. 

BeHome has always stood out to us for not only its exceptional product base but for the values it embodies. We’ve watched first-hand how this brand has grown under these values. As of April 2024, Jonathan’s unwavering dedication to maintaining high-standards resulted in the brand being certified Green. This milestone is a huge testament to the collective efforts of those who have rallied behind BeHome’s Mission. 

We’re so proud to have worked with BeHome from the beginning and our customer’s always rave about the quality of the products. This year, we introduced tons of new items to the shop from BeHome. Especially as Earth Day is approaching in the upcoming weeks, we encourage all of our patrons to peruse and purchase these eco-friendly products. 


BeHome marks a change of pace from rampant consumerism, and we have always stressed at R.H. Ballard the importance of curating items for your home that will last a lifetime and exist outside of the trending buy-discard cycle. We want every purchase here to be heirloom quality goods.

As we continue our journey to build connections and community, we look forward to building a more sustainable world -- one eco-friendly purchase at a time. 

You can shop the entire BeHome collection Here

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