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French Digoin Grey & Cream Pumpkin Pitcher, 34 oz - MD36


Made by hand, each piece of this handmade French stoneware is unique.

This pumpkin pitcher is made of matte stoneware, with a two-tone glaze, giving it a special finish that will uplift your table.

Fired at extremely hot temperatures, Digoin matte glazes are fixed and are airtight, making them ideal for keeping drinks cool. Holds 1 Litre (34 ounces

The Digoin stoneware and pottery factory was originally an artisanal family business founded in 1875, on the edge of the center canal in Burgundy. Around 1900, the region of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial, known as the “valley of ceramics”, housed around forty factories, each with specific expertise, re: making tiles, bricks, tiling, etc...

Since 1875, the Manufacture de Digoin - Grès & Poteries has been shaping everyday objects in stoneware, like vinegar pots, fountains, percolators, grease pots, salting tubs, mustard pots, terrines, pitchers, jugs, cheese dishes, yoghurt pots, and more

Sleeping beauty for several years, the Manufacture came back to life in 2014, when Corinne Jourdain brought together several investors to save the company with the ambition of perpetuating historic expertise and restoring their credibility to meaningful culinary objects, borrowings from history.

Product Details: stoneware. matte finish

Dimensions: 1 Litre, 8" x 8", 34 oz

Care: Hand wash